Forging Activities – Demand-driven modernisation of dosing machines including third-party products

Restored dosing machine after extensive modernisation by CYRUS.
Restored dosing machine after extensive modernisation by CYRUS.

The lifetime of automatic sorting machines in a forge shop varies strongly depending on such central factors as the material of the blanks to be handled, the filling degree of the dosing machine or simply the general state of maintenance. Due to the more than 40 years of experience acquired by CYRUS in the forging industry, CYRUS also offers modernisation jobs in after sales for third-party products.

Your system has to remain “young and healthy” to live up to future performance and technology requirements.

CYRUS promises quality and performance leadership. We recommend, define and implement first-class modernisations.

You will benefit from:

  • higher performance and throughput
  • higher machine availability
  • new functions
  • higher capacity utilisation
  • longer service life

One example from practice. Press- und Zerspanungstechnik Witten GmbH & Co. KG is aware of its role as an independent, owner-managed company.

Medium-sized companies, in particular, call for individual and responsive solutions. Spring 2016 saw CYRUS comprehensively modernise the dosing machine of a former Swiss competitor, which had been in operation since 1999. To this end CYRUS offers two different approaches.

Dosing machines can either be modernised on site since a de-installation is often not easy due to their site location. Alternatively, CYRUS has established a special service area at its Recklinghausen site for modernising dosing machines which saves approx. 30% of downtime. Prior to both options there is always a corresponding on-site audit in order to jointly discuss and agree on the measures to be taken.

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